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Strad found in attic?!


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I found this photograph for sale on eBay. A paper with the image claims that this man found a real Strad in his attic, and that an "expert" confirmed that his finding was legit. :rolleyes:



Interesting. The man seemed happy in the photo. The Strad looked real too. Are there other attics like this one ?

Let us organize a group to hunt another Strad ?

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Well, he who laughs last laughs loudest. Thornton will take a fiddle such as the one you

asked for ID help on here, a nice German violin (which by the way if it's still

for sale, please contact me), and then maybe rework it a bit and try to sell it in association with his friend, the karate violinist Kevin, of violin forum fame.

Sort of a small-time e-Machold, if you will, lingering in the shadow of the internet...gotta love it.

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