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martin swan

Horizontal Neck Angle

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51 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

 A small step behind the nut is a good idea unless you trust future fingerboard replacers to not plane the top off the peg box (which is Verboten of course!)


21 minutes ago, Urban Luthier said:

 I was wondering if a 2-3mm step behind the nut is reasonable to accommodate 1mm tilt as well as future repairs. 

How many mm is “small” is rather like the famous question “how long is a piece of string”. Personally I would find 2-3mm a bit exagerated

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I make the E string about 3mm lower than the G string at the nut.  This tilt reduces the amount the left arm's elbow has to be tucked inward thus reducing the amount of stress on the player's left shoulder and arm.  This is done to improve playing ease and to avoid injuries.

But at the bridge the usual string bridge shape is used used to ensure there is enough bow clearance over the C bout and corner when playing on the E string .

In order to do both at the same time it is necessary to make the top surface of the fingerboard gradually twisted with more tilt at the nut than at the bridge.  The four strings ares still of course perfectly straight but they follow a section of shallow hyperbolic paraboloid rather than the usual cone surface.

This story has a strange twist.

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