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Very Old cello


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I have not been to Maestronet for a long time. I've moved from violins to guitars but still get the odd violin in for minor repairs and restorations. Now I have a request from someone to restore/rebuild this 1850 cello and as you can see from the pic, it is in many pieces. "Someone" has made a new rib section and another section looks like a jigsaw puzzle (with some pieces missing). The belly has been repaired (so badly that the arching shape has changed) plus it has more cracks that need repairing. The tail and neck blocks are broken and will have to be replaced and there a few broken corners too.

The owner does not want any parts replaced, only for them to be repaired. Is a cello in this condition, based on it's age, worth an almost complete re-build?

Murray Kuun


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That would depend on how much you would charge to do the work, and how much the owner is willing to spend. Make sure you don't short yourself on how much to charge. You can certainly give the owner an idea about how much a similar cello, in decent shape, would cost.

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