English Sycamore

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Is UK sycamore what we call maple in the U.S.? I think what we call sycamore in the U.S. is similar to the European plane tree. Just asking, because I did not know whether you could make a violin back out of plane tree wood, but if it what we call maple, then disregard.

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Selim, try this guy.elston sawmills

I will send a message and see if he can be help.

Seems like a good source, thanks fiddlecollector.

At it's best, UK sycamore is very good indeed..there are some who say the Balkan seed was planted here for the veneer industry...It is a weird fact that the best maple outside the Balkans and Carpathians is in the north of the UK

Hi Melving,

I dont know, I may be wrong, but after trying this wood multiple times, even samples from Rockler hardware Store, I think, I can say,

This wood is different from European samples I have(from several good sources), or even different from Big Leaf..

May be rain helps, in a similar way, cold, dry air helps spruce..:)

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you may also try Steffen Nowak. He seems to have some seasoned english sycamore on stock.

As for the terminology:

Sycamore ("sycomore" or "érable sycomore" in french): acer pseudoplatanus

Maple ("érable plane" in french): acer platanoides

Field maple ("érable champêtre"): acer campestris.

Platanus is a different species.

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