Realistic Animated Violin

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OK, so I have grade-school kids, and it shows.

In the movie "Rango", there's an owl mariachi band. The fiddle playing owl's instrument impressed me greatly with the attention to detail and realism... nice looking, lightly antiqued finish, and (I couldn't really tell) it looks like a Hill-style fine tuner on the E string.

Perhaps one of the violin experts out there could identify the maker and year ;)

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Could it be the Ole Bull Del Gesu? Chi Mei Foundation published photos from all angles of it.


The string height over the fingerboard seems a bit low...

- but in cartoonland, it may be just right.

(The owl does seem to have correct feather position on those strings - he may be playing mariachi music, but his classical training is obvious...)




"Oh yeah - sorry."

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The ribs look a bit tall to me, and don't appear to have any flame.

... are those ebony inserts in the bridge under each string?

Yeah, I noticed those things also, but realized that going any further down that road, would be sort of like arguing with the TV about a commercial...

Which I admit, I occasionally do.

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I'm pretty sure they've taken a three dimensional picture of a student violin (well, actually I think it's a viola). You can see that the bow was a separate image because there is shadow under the hair where it's meant to connect the string. The reasons why I think it's a student violin (well, viola -possibly something they found in a prop room) is because the ribs are way too high, the bridge is very high and not cut well, the 'e' string looks too thick (unless its a gut string which I'll bet its not) and you can actually see the layer of dust nobody bothered to wipe off.

Now that's realistic!

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ILM is very precise with their 3D model making. I'm sure that they had reference on hand and took texture info directly from a real instrument. If you guys really want to know who made the violin I could pry for info. :)

Iburkard is right. ILM would have used a detailed 3D model, which allows them to overlay surface textures and colors, and animate in various angles and lighting on the computer. They could have built their own model, or used one of the commercially available ones. For example, here is one from (not the one used in Rango):

Images of the rendered model and underlying wireframe:



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