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Lightbulb jokes, here's mine


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Approximately 700. One to screw in the light bulb; 500 to debate whether a filament should be installed under tension; 100 to debate the arching of the filament, whether it is derived from intersecting radii, or cycloids, and how this affects the function; 99 more to evaluate the spectral output, comparing it with antique light sources.

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Where I growed up [Chicago], we would "change" [short for 'exchange'] a burnt-out lightbulb with a new working bulb. Certainly "replace" may be more apropos. Chicago's funny like that. Probably other 'big cities' too.


Here in Laurinburg, NC we "change it out" or "switch it out."

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Michael's right. Changing light bulbs is not a procedure that should ever be used by the violin maker. Any self-respecting violin maker would carefully dismantle the bulb (saving any small fragments for future analysis) then, using a properly aged filament of exactly the same parameters, replace any damaged parts, keeping intervention to a minimum. While the bulb is apart he may decide to correct any small irregularities in the arching of the bulb but this would probably be done in consultation with a few colleagues. With older light bulbs it can often be unclear whether the arching deformation occurred as part of the manufacturing process or came later. If the job is done properly, the restored light bulb should give off exactly the same quality of light as the original.

Of course there will always be those annoying Philistines who claim that it's all a waste of time since blind-testing has never been able to prove that people can tell a new bulb from an older, restored light bulb.

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If the job is done properly, the restored light bulb should give off exactly the same quality of light as the original.

This is arguable, weighing our goals of conservation against utility for modern performance requirements. An original light bulb is certainly a collectors item, and a functioning one could have high value. But "baroque" light bulbs produce a rather whiny and superficial light, with poor carrying power, compared to the modernized versions. They are better used as "chamber" light bulbs. :D

On the "change" definition front, one definition is "to replace one with another".

As in:

Change strings

Change planes

Change clothes

Change ownership

Change the font

Change language

Change the subject

Change the color

Change a light bulb :)

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