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What's on your bench?

Craig Tucker

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I promised to share images of a stained design that I copied from a victorian instrument. I applied the design to a simple French trade Strad with brown ink. The tricky part was getting the design to resist washing off with the spirit varnish.

The top has a good example of bear claw!

I hope to apply this same pattern to something with better quality wood in the future. Things I don't like about this... the transition out of the design, and I might outline the design with darker ink next time to make it have a little more structure.

still need to rub out one last time:


bear claw:


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Hey I didn't know that Justin Beiber played the violin too...Good use for a carbon fiber bow is to keep the groupies away :blink:

What do you think of the Barbera Pickup? I think that is what that is on the fiddle.

Ha! Justin in a time warp... Watching the ads made for the Superbowl, are you? :)

I almost always use a carbon fiber bow when playing festivals with an outside stage. Haven't had the opportunity to use it on groupies yet though. Maybe my day will come!

Yes, It's a Barbera twin hybrid. I like it. Nice even output and I can create a rather pleasant tone.

I especially enjoy having a fiddle without a preamp in it. All those I tried (NS, etc.) with the preamp were way to heavy for 3 or 4 hours of club playing... at least for me.

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Here is my workbench right now. It has looked like this for two or three months, so guess I am waiting for the right inspiration. The next step will be to draw the decoration on to the wood. The fiddle is a chinese custom made hardanger with a dragon head i modify and finish off. The top is very light, so will be interesting to hear how that works. A new oil based sealer method seems to work fine for the ink drawings. Loss factors did not increase either.

The necks are for the next self made hardanger fiddles. They have looked much like that for many years, so I guess I wait for the real inspiration to come for finishing off these too.

On my living room table are articles on humidity effects on wood. I have promised to write an article for the VSA Papers on a couple of experiments I have conducted on that some time ago. But the urge to write is not strong, lacking the necessary inspiration for that too.. The good news is that I am about to become even with my tasks at my daytime job after being seriously behind for a couple of months.. World Ski Championship in my neigbourhood also for the next 12 days now. Wonder what that will bring.

The bodies for the Hardanger necks are waiting to be assembled. Have new Herdim glue clamps, some new scrapers and Ibex planes, so should start to use them.



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Anders, what do you do with this adjustable tuning fork? That looks interesting.... :blink:

I use them when I record the tap tones of the plates and occasionally the bodies. - Much faster than mic, laptop and FFT software. There are steps for each half note, and I use a table to get the frequencies. There are six of them covering notes from E2 = 81 Hz up to G5 = 775 Hz

They once were great grandpa's. I think they are from the 30ties.

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Are those some kind of ink/decal transfer?

They are laser copies on tranparencies for testing the looks and design. The drawings will be transferred from paper versions with soft pencil "blackening" on the backside. Just trace the drawings on the outside, and they will transfer. Then ink pens and some patience.

The laser print do transfer using heat. But need very smooth surfaces to transfer it to then. Haven't tried that beyond simple test samples.

I once saw an ex girlfriend transferred a print to a mirror once using acetone. But I wouldn't dare to do that on a fiddle, though.

A "letraset printer" would have been great. :D

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I had a screw loose (not pun intended) on my Zeta midi connector. Nothing a small amount of blue thread locker won't cure.

Regraduating a viola that has a back that must be rock/sugar maple. One step short of masonite. No wonder this instrument had no depth of sound. Preparing to give my wife's old viola to a student that cannot afford an instument. Working on the belly I keep hearing Hans Nebel saying "don't take too much off to allow for shrinkage" in my head. The things we remember...


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