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I'm no expert at making, and even less so at repairs, but in my experience with countersinks with multiple cutting edges, I think your peg reamer is the problem. With more than one cutting edge, it has tendency to chatter, resulting in the hexagonal holes you show.

I would strongly recommend buying a decent one, such as T410 from Int'l Violin. It costs $34.

My 2 cents.


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Certainly this is the time to plug them, when you don't have to worry about scratching the varnish. If they are already oversize they ain't going to get smaller by themselves.

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+++++++++++++I assume you are using very sharp drill bits. When I use sharp drill bits I can drill anywhere I want.

That seems oddly out of context... strange.

I tried to reply to this earlier today but the gods of the internet decided this was not to be.In relation to the orientation of the grain of the bushing, I stuffed up the peg hole placement on my number 5. I have said before that I continually stretch the boundaries on what can be done wrongly. I console myself that I learn by fixing it. Having put the holes in the wrong place I needed to fill them. I had watched an antiqued Bergonzi copy being made, which included all the repairs that an instrument of that age would have had done, I understood that having the grain of the bushing align with that of the pegbox is called a "Hill" bush. Is that the case? I made my own attempt, which seemed to go OK:'s the point of this post. Get on with it :) If it doesn't work, ream it out and try again. I think too often us newbies think we are working on a Strad :D Yes, we have a HUGE investment in what we have done - but guess what....?Best regards,Tim

hopefully the boxwood pegs will get here soon and I will get on with it! :) I'll post some before and after pictures. whatdaya mean it's not a strad? it sounds pretty good to me! LOL ;)

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Thought I would post an update here. I installed the bushings. There is still come cleanup I need to do inside the box and haven't drilled new holes yet. I was thinking only drill pilot holes for now and ream them to finished size after finishing the varnishing so wet varnish wouldnt be getting into finished holes.




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