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I have some incomplete old violins I want to sell off.


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I recently came into a collection of old violins at an estate sale. They are mostly incomplete instruments, made by

a luthier named Nick Youngblood. The few things I've found of his that were dated bear dates of 1929 and 1930,

and I finished one or two of his violins to playable condition.

The workmanship is in the "obviously self taught" category. These are not incredible instruments, but they do have character.

I have something approaching 30 violin bodies which are just ribs and a back. There are a few completed instruments that I

would call "highly experimental" and some broken ones, too.

I'm not looking to get rich off of this "treasure trove". I'd just like to pass on these things to other enthusiasts who

may want to have them and possibly use them for practice, or complete them and see what they get, or maybe just hang them

on the wall.

If anyone is interested in these, post here and I will post pictures of them, listed individually, and you make offers

on what you want. I'm not going to set any minimum prices. I simply know that I'm not likely to address any building

out of these instruments for years if ever, and I'd rather put them in the hands of somebody who is more likely to take

action on them than I am.

Money isn't the issue here. Getting these into the hands of some people who would like to experiment and/or complete some

of these violin projects is the objective. I think there would be something very nice about someone taking these 80 year

old violin bodies and finally turning them into musical instruments. I think Nick Youngblood would be really happy for that to happen. I brought one or two of his instruments back to life, and now I'd like for someone else to have a turn.


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I built two fiddles about 20 yrs ago just now started refinishing one because I didn't do a good finish on either one. I wouldn't mind having one or two to put together for practice (I like building things) and something to try different finishes on also. Limited funds are an issue though for me though so as long as they are really cheap. you said backs and sides. are there any spruce bellies also? or necks?

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