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For awhile now I've had trouble with the new system...In the past to find a members topic was when I go the the members profile and search for their past topics all I see is the last 3-4 most recent started topics...For instance I'm looking for the picture of the fiddle that Melving posted in the "Unantiqued For A Change" or something like that...thread...How do I find this old topic?


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Your not the only one .At the top right of my page it says search,forums,magnifying glass,then a little wheel shaped thing.Click on that to obtain the advanced search function. Put in your keywords and the name of the member your interested in.Then make sure you do the date range ,and all the topics or posts should come up.

Hope this helps some!

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I have been really frustrated trying to do searches. Half the time it just gives me all of the recent posts, whether they contained the search term or not. Sometimes emptying the cache helps, or toggling the ascending/descending button. Rarely can I actually find what I am looking for.

The new search engine is seriously messed up.

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