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David Tseng

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I received the membership renewal notice today. My membership was renewed on June 11, 2010 for TWO years. It's really disturbing to receive this letter. This is a manifestation that the new administration is not doing good job. Are there any maestroneters here receiving such notice?

I'm not a part of the new administration (happily "retired" though still involved), but I'm not ready to say they're "not doing a good job". Haven't met a perfect organization yet, and I think the VSA is making an effort to improve many of their systems.

Relatively recently, the VSA hired a firm to help them with the administration of the organization. They haven't been with the VSA for long (still getting to know the organization), but did assist and organize a significant portion of the last competition/convention. Can't say there were no problems (there are always some), but I found the folks from this firm rather good about remedying those I brought to their attention in a cheerful an efficient manner.

As far as the membership issue; Yes, I also paid two years and only show one credited to my name... but I figured it was a casualty of changing the systems over. I'll just wait until I receive a renewal notice and ask them to correct their books.

Remember, David, it's a volunteer, not for profit organization... and that goes for the multitude of relatively boring and tedious day-to-day tasks that a predominantly educational organization must accomplish. If you wish to help improve things, volunteer.


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The way I judge a business or organization is how well they respond to mistakes they make, because everybody makes mistakes.

When something goes wrong in my shop I bend over backwards to make it right.

I recall a shop I did business with once, as I was leaving the proprietor said, "if you like what I did, tell everyone about it, if you didn't, tell me "

It seems very unfair to me for you, David, to publicly complain about VSA administration before giving them a chance to fix it.


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