Type of Wood for Back Center Seam Cleats?

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Just curious, but why were you taught not to use maple?

The only explanation I received was rather vague -- that maple wouldn't hold well, as arglebargle said. I realize that this is not really an explanation, but both of my teachers were expert makers/restorers (Mittenwald graduates, AFVBM members, etc) with many years' experience in major shops, so I tend to do as they say.

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I haven't had trouble with maple, but I'm not old enough to have trouble with my repairs yet. :) I've also used willow, but never spruce.

Perpendicular to the centerline makes sense for grain direction. Maple loves to crack down the grain, so there you go. I've seen angled maple cleats fail on a back, which is why I stopped placing them at a 45.

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