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Information about E. Cocchioni?


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Hello friends,

We are considering taking as a partial exchange a violin labeled E. Cocchioni, but we have had trouble finding out much about this maker, either to attempt to confirm the authenticity, or to estimate the value. We would be grateful if any of you have any information, either about the appearance/workmanship of his instruments or their sale price...



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Thank you, that is a good start. For posterity, the math works out to be between £2,150 (retail price index) and £5,190 (share of GDP) of today's pounds. Of course the value of an instrument doesn't stay constant, but it is a starting point.

(currency values from http://www.measuringworth.com)

Marlin Brinser (violin dealer and importer) in his "Dictionary of Twentieth Century Italian Violinmakers" writes:

COCCHIONI, Eraldo b.1915 Perouse

Personal models inspired by the Cremonese School. Good oil varnish. Yellow-orange. In 1951 he received an award for the instruments he exhibited at Florence. Professional maker. Member ANLAI - 1966 (Ass'n National Liuteria Artistica Italiana).


E. Cocchioni

Perugia 1954


address in 1966 - Viale Marconi 131/B ROME


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were putting values on a piece of paper called the label the label could easily be fake take it to an expert.... :mellow:

Hi Lyndon,

You're not going to find many experts out there who are well versed in instruments by Eraldo Cocchioni and while I'm wading through my archives looking for a possible photograph I thought it might be interesting to reproduce a label published in a little book by someone who was evidently importing his instruments into the USA. We all know what labels are worth but it's a start....


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