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I find this post a little, I dunno, irresponsible. Let me explain

1. If there is a "problem" with this company that "we" {those that would buy things from them} should know about, I feel whatever your problem is it should be explained at the time of the post so "we" may determine if your complaint has merit, if so, "we" would thank you for imparting such info, as in the case with "international luthier supply"....a company that supposedly at one time was a good company, but when it changed hands, these people were screwing over people and not sending them stuff they paid for. People need to know about stuff like that.

2. On the other hand, "we" don't know what your "problem is", "we" can only assume it is a problem. And therefore this may unfairly paint this company in a negative light. Perhaps your trying to tell us how good they are?...we don't know, for example what if just after you posted this, I just got done doing an order....what is it I would need to know? Until you tell us, your opinion, even if "just a post" could be doing unneeded monetary damage to a company that does not deserve it. And I would caution you against such post's in the future. As you are potentially effecting the monetary intake of an individual and or company,if this were an American company, this type of post, simply for the fact that effects ones livelihood would be actionable in a slander liability case.

So, if there is something the world should know, like they rip people off, we should know that, And if there is a problem, we should know that to so as to determine the severity of the "offense", elsewise you may be effecting someones livihood for no good reason.

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No hate here bro what am i supposed to do give them a pat on the back.I have kept putting someone off over and over because im waiting for these fittings which im expecting to be what i commissioned and now it costed money out of my pocket to have to order a whole new set because they are nothing even close to what i ordered don't even match.And when i asked them why my set didn't even match i got nothing in response .All i know is if i would have done something like that in business they would be complaining the rest of their lives

No I would not be patting them on the back. I would just suggest If you have a problem with a company and want to gripe about it that you do so at the time of the post, that is all. The "hate in your heart" is part of a Clayton Bigsby qoute, you may not be familliar with Dave Chapple, so it is somewhat of an "inside joke" offense

two words

Meyer fittings

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