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Worlfds largest clavichord website available again

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Hi, My name is Lyndon Taylor, Im practically retired now but I used to work really hard building fine clavichords from scratch, no kit, premade parts, or even power tools for the critical soundboard. My website which I hired my friend Kemer Thompson to build with a bribe; a sizable discount on an instrument he loved, A close copy of an Instrument built and housed in Bachs home town of Leipzig Germany in 1700, Bach himself may have even played on or seen the instrument as it may have been famous, one of the fanciest inlayed veneered clavichords in existence and the sound is really good especially for Bach, my favorite'

Im retired from clavichords and fix violins and post frequently!!! on the violin forum, the pegbox, Im notorious and much less respected in the violin world and for good reason; Im less qualified with violins, but the pay for clavichord building is oppressive, take home net income of about 2-3 dollars an hour, and it doesn't pay my bills, in addition I have developed a phobia about power tools and now dread using them as I came so close to loosing fingers, three times, twice requiring hospitalisation, I love violin work. its easier for me, less boring, mechanical, more artistic, challenging and rewarding to me financially. One clavichord is about as much labour as three hand made violin or one bass.(3-6 months to build)

enough for now just an introduction, check out the bottom link to go to the sight sorry most of the pictures of my instruments are lost as it is an inactive site but preserves it the way it used to be. To see some of my best friends in the whole worlds work simply click on, Peter Bavington, Paul Irvin, Jack Peters, there very active builders and these are links to there 2010 websites, only mine are old :) :) B) B) B) B) :) :)

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