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Bear claws marks


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I would bet that some plant geneticists would love to answer that question if they were to get funding for that... but my guess is that the flame is more an organised phenomenon than these bear claw marks. If you've seen some sweet corn completely yellow, sometimes they bear some red spots or trails, that is the mark of a transposon (a small bit of DNa that "jump" from one location on the chromosome to he other)

post-29661-067370700 1288226296_thumb.jpg

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Yes bearclaw, but there could still be a conspiracy and photo switch.

I am not good enough with my camera to do that...

Maybe I would like these marks if there were more and spread over the all top, but there is only one large and it doesn't really appeal to me like that. One of the tonewood suppliers whose link appeared in the bosnian maple thread is selling some bear claw tops, so I might give a try one of these days. From what I read here and there, bear claw spruce is heavily used and well considered by guitars makers.

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Thats how it looks on endgrain:

post-30090-005181000 1288251861_thumb.jpg

I have been told it's genetic, no bears, no insects... :)

I like it if there are only a few of these bear claws, but too many of them stiffen the wood too much in transverse direction.


Hi Bernhard,

I agree with you that it is genetic.

I have seen more of this in Guadagnini than in other makers and to such an extent that I used to call them "Guadagnini marks" before I knew the correct terminology. When I started we didn't have the luxury of internet!

Great photograph on the end grain.


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