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Thru-the-top soundpost

Don Noon

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On 9/9/2023 at 1:50 AM, SCorrea said:

Youre right ill check the original post date. Thanks for the pointing it out.  Sorry Guys

You have nothing to apologise for.

My comment was in response to Martin's post, above mine, with regard to another poster, who keeps posting the last word on old threads, with questionable information.

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The Welsh Crwth is a pretty obscure example of a bowed lyre type of instrument with the through-hole type of soundpost. A good contemporary example is the gadulka which is a significant Bulgarian string instrument, a member of the lyra family ( Cretan lyra, Lira di Calabria, Gudok).


gadulka solo at approx 3:25

Gadulka sits around viola pitch, has three heavy gauge main strings and 10 sympathy strings. One foot of the bridge sits on a square sound post which goes through a large soundhole to  rest on a notch on the carved, curved back. There is a massive bar running up the middle of the soundboard as wide as the gap between the two soundholes and 6 or 7 mm thick. I don't think the back would contribute much to sound power so it's all about the bridge anchored by its fulcrum post driving the soundboard via that massive bar.

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