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AFM and Carry On Baggage


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On 4/16/2019 at 10:14 PM, b_erin said:

Thank you all for posting this topic, y'all really saved me as I'm about to fly British Airways. FWIW, I looked into it after reading this thread and they do allow violins on as long as you call them more than 24 hrs in advance of your flight departure and get it added to your booking. They will ask the dimensions and weight and have it added so you can be guaranteed to take it on with you. I just got off the phone with British Airways and had this done. I will update only if I run into an issue with actually being able to take it on with me for my flights. Cheers!

That's great to hear.

I'm a fiddler (Irish trad) and used to travel from the US to Ireland via Aer Lingus. I found, as mentioned above, that getting to the airport early was helpful. If I could get past the ticket counter I could get on with the fiddle. Once I got past the ticket counter I was OK - the "gate" people would always let me carry it on. In fact, I typically brought a cheaper fiddle anyway, just in case.

But once the ticket counter person told me I'd have to check it in as baggage. I said "But this is a $10,000 violin," which it wasn't. The person said "Then don't bring it."


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 I was traveling last week. I asked everyone I could about my case at the airport. They all said it would be no problem.

The trick is to board as early as possible, to get overhead space. Most people are carrying on "rollers" of a standard size. Once they put one in there is no room for violins or violas.

I boarded as soon as I could and had no problems. A violist from the Minneapolis Symphony boarded late and they had to scramble to accommodate his case, but they did find overhead space for him as well.

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