Hunt to Commission a Viola - Part 3

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Please point out the instance where I said he was "lying" about this instrument. :)

Okay, since you asked -

"Now, I don't mean to be an a-hole, or to stir a pot that's already cooked,

but how in God's name do you see those as string reflections?

They are broken, bent lines that don't make any sense as a reflection.

For example, the first line, or the "e string reflection", clearly stops and moves about a mm over to the treble side."

I'm delighted that you meant no such thing and I realize that a written post can't indicate the tone or inflection of voice meant for delivery, so intent of meaning can be missed, but reading these words definitely sounded accusatory to this ignorant reader's ear. Since llowman had previously stated flatly that there was no damage to the instrument, these words were were further interpreted as accusing him of lying. You did not say "you are lying" but you did invoke the name of a higher entity to add emphasis to your disbelief.

You asked.

Now as far as I'm concerned its water under the bridge - a simple misunderstaning now cleared up. Llowman certainly took it in stride, so my apologies for misinterpreting your post.

And congratulations to llowman and his daughter on the wonderful instrument and her accomplishments. Hope teh job situation is stable, I've been down that road myself.

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