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Have You Seen A Bssbar Like This In Drawing ?


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The drawing is pic of the whole bar. It is a bit short than the usual bars. The end toward buttom is truncated

as shown. To me it is huge.

I've never seen a bar like that. The overall weight of the bar might be near normal as it appears to taper to zero at the other end, like a much elongated isosceles triangle but the shape is completely new to me and I've seen a lot of bassbars. Also if your diagram is showing the orientation of the grain at the square end, this is unusual too. It is true however that the Gaglianos used slab cut bassbars.


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What I said above..I was not implying that iburkard put it in! I have seen some weird stuff that amatuer repair people have done. I once had a cheap Strad copy that someone put an aluminum bassbar in! Just a rough bar of aluminum vaguely ground to fit. Also had a ground flat penny glued in under the post position with a flat tipped post! Epoxy in both cases. Sounded terrible. Heh, you see some weird stuff sometimes.

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