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Super glue is as addictive as crack cocaine!


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brad it is my understanding that super glue soaks into the wood much less than hide, thats one reason hide is so superior and obvious number one reason super glue joins fail, the glue itself is strong but it doesn't soak in far enough to make a good bond...

While it's irrelevant to the question of whether hide glue or superglue is better for the "edge stabilization" that I was talking about, your understanding of the adhesive mechanism of hide glue is incorrect. The adhesion of hide glue is not dependent on absorption or penetration of the glue into the surfaces being bonded. If it were, end-grain glue joints would be the strongest, because hide glue is absorbed more into end grain than any other wood surface. But we all know that end-grain glue joints are the weakest. Furthermore, hide glue adheres very strongly to some completely non-porous surfaces where there is no glue absorption at all like glass. Hide glue sticks things together by way of an electro-chemical attraction -- not due to absorption.

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the reason end grain to end grain joins are so weak is not because the glue doesnt soak into the wood, just the opposite so much glue soaks into the end grain that there is none left in the gap to make the actual join, sincerely lyndon ps also on an end join the wood is so porous that there is less wood to wood contact on a microscopic level, making a weaker join

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I know someone who had a bottle of superglue BURST while he was squeezing it. Superglue went into his mouth.

He had a bottle of superglue remover spray handy.

Yes, he sprayed it into his mouth and took care of the superglue problem.

He reported that it was by far the most foul taste you could never possibly imagine.


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