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cleaning a violin


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I placed a bid on it, wether or not it was the winning bid is between me and the seller.

I'll take the charitable view and conclude that, in your naivete, you didn't realize that providing free publicity in a public forum would drive the price up to something you could not afford.

Hopefully, you have learned your lesson.

Others may take a less charitable view of your behaviour.


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in other words there might be quite a bit between you and the seller, is that what you mean glen :)

If you are implying that I had an interest in that violin and resented the exposure, you couldn't be more wrong.

I used to collect American violins but repeatedly found that the performance characteristics never matched those of old European instruments.

But I have bought from al.romeo in the past and would do so again because he is courteous and sophisticated unlike you who are boorish and abrasive.

I see you are not having much luck moving that piece you are currently offering on eBay


Even if I thought it a bargain (which I do not) I would not buy from you after your unwarranted attacks on other sellers. Buyers have choices.


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Good and bad, reputations are earned. I'm not quite sure what is being accomplished in this thread other than solidifying what has already been earned. In this case, I don't believe one man's opinion will change the minds of the masses. I also believe that the masses cannot help a man who doesn't want help.

Now to get this trainwreck back on the tracks...

As for cleaning, my rule of thumb is to start with the least offensive thing (clean cloth, clean cloth with saliva, etc.) and work your way up until you get the results that you desire.

Hmmm... I suppose this applies to quite a variety of things.


Yes, and No.

Your way takes too long to get the job done, sometime. People baby their violin varnish too much..

For example, if you have gummy stuff on your violin, like adhesive of a duct tape, clean cloth, saliva won't work at all.

One wipe of a drop of turpentine will clean it. If you have rosin duct accumulated on it, see how long take you to clean it?

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dont believe you padah, the two label pics are framed identically, that was accidental? two more famous hound obviously fake labels ebay230440045566 and 330413195599, sincerely lyndon :) :) :)


Why anyone pays such atrention of a label? They always say " Antonius Stradivius Cremoninis... facibat "

Only they don't have such label I start worry. B)

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How would one describe this bidding pattern?

I sometimes does that because I wanted to know the highest price the current winner placed. Although I am not a shill-bidder, some may. Regardless, I think when buying something, it is always wise to cap the bid at the amount that your bank account can afford.

In regard to comments on Jesse, although I have not met him in person, I have always benefitted from his posts and PM (maestronet or eBay). I believe his honesty and generosity. But then again, no one is perfect (applicable to both the seller and the buyer), and his return policy should rectify any faults (or no faults) that one might have in the transaction.

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