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Mathias Neuner violin?


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I got an old fiddle in on a trade for some work on another fiddle. It has a very small label in it (typed/printed) that says "Signed by Mathias Neuner in 1858". This appears to me to be just another old trade fiddle, but I thought I'd pass on some info for an opinion. Photos later if necessary. No upper blocks. Carved in bass bar, but the rest of the inside of the top nicely done. Quite narrow purfling, with the center light strip in the purfling narrower than the black strips. Spruce linings about 1/4 the height of the ribs, and tapering all the way towards the center of the rib. Any of these sound like a Neuner?


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There were 5 Matthias Neuners. The date on yours would indicate #5...son of #4.


Auction prices from $500-$700

Don't sell the farm.

I've had several violins with the label you picture. I've been told that the "Nro. 94" indicates the street address of the maker's workshop -- not the serial number of the violin.

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I had already looked up Neuner to see what typical labels looked like, etc.. This violin has a very small label not at all like a typical maker label. I suspect that it's a "replacement" label put in by someone in more modern times. The schmutz inside the instrument looks like it might be as old as 1858. I was hoping that purfling or linings might offer a clue to authenticity. Needs a bunch of work, so my trade value was only about $130.

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No upper blocks/ carved in bass bar, I would say definitely nought to do with Neuner nor Mittenwald. That sounds Saxon to me, but photos would be good.

That was my original impression, but not having worked with Neuner or Mittenwald instruments, I thought that I would ask those with more experience.

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