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Junk Store Special Number 2, Un-labelled Violin


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Hello again,

Here is the second of the $50.00 junk store violin pair special. This one is un-labelled and in a lot better condition than the Martello labelled violin, but it is a little unusual in places. The corners are quite small and the purfling which is quite close to the edges seems to be a different type as it sort of looks odd. I have thoughts about 20th century European trade instrument but I am far from expert in judging these things. It has quite a wide grained front and a lovely figure on the back/sides.

The varnish looks original. Apart from the usual open seams and wear it is in quite good condition.

Both this and the Martello labelled instrument had gut strings hanging off them and this one came in an old case with 3 bows. One stamped Dresden on the side and Germany underneath, the second bow is stamped Czechoslovakia and the third is unstamped and really rough.

The Dresden stamped bow is poor and bent sideways, though the Czech stamped bow is in really great shape but with little hair left. All I can say is what a dream bargain for $50.00.

There are a lot more photos of this violin on this address.


Love to hear the thoughts on this one?



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With the $50 for two violins bargain I am over the moon. It was mostly luck as they had them out the back and not on display as both are "broken". It was only after I asked if they had any musical instruments she got them out.

Where is the C.F Durro made? I have not hear of that maker before.

My avatar is the same old puddy tat. The one that helps me whenever it is time for instrument making/fixing or music playing :)

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Sorry, I meant to say Salvadore De Durro. I think you will find some better information with a search, but yours could easily be something else. Heck even this one could be something else. :) It does have a strong resemblence in the corners and especially the purfling, but there are many similar trade violins from the early 20th century. I think some trade violins are under rated for sound. Maybe yours is one of these. I just looked at your other violin. For the price, you did extremely well in both cases. Best wishes in your work to get them back into good playing order.

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