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Junk Store Special Number 1, Antonio Martello Violin


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Last week we did a trip up the country to Brisbane and on the way in a country town junk store I picked up two old violins for $50.00. The first one which has had the f-holes mangled is labelled Antonio Martello, Faubourg Saint Martin, Paris.

At first I did not think much of this instrument as the front is in such bad shape and been re-varnished but on closer inspection noticed it had a one piece back. It was then after a closer look the finer points of this instrument started to show out.

So can anyone confirm this instrument is as it says and does anyone have any background info on the maker?

It sure is going to be a fun one to fix as it looks like a lovely instrument to bring back to life.

There are quite a few photos on the below link to look at.




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