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Christmas music, more than technical.

Ken Nielsen

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I never go out of my way to watch 'Celtic Woman' but when I see it I am captivated and delighted at the 'heart' that is put into these performances. It's show business put on at its best with camera angles, preparation in place and a focus on natural beauty. The important thing is that they pull it off and all I can do is join in with the audience in applause.

Lisa, show us how it's done...


In conclusion, I hope we all can put more life into our playing for this holiday season.


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I hate to criticize something like this, but honestly, I hope we aspire to greater heights than self-and-audience-indulging tripe like this. The string arrangement was boring. Her voice was pretty enough, but her delivery didn't seem to say anything interesting about the song. Then there's the whole spectacle of it...

I know that there's a long and important history of spectacle + music, but once upon a time, the spectacle was equalled by the music. Simple songs like don't need or deserve so much. (Also, I realize that by modern pop standards this is hardly spectacle at all.)

Let's look at this song properly delivered:



Sorry about the negativity. I can come down hard on female vocalists sometimes.

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