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While you're here, there is the small matter of people not being able to view large images. Your server often stops after delivering a small part of the image, and many people can hardly ever get the whole image, so they keep trying many times until they do get most of it. Some combinations of location and time of day have little problem; others have little success.

Small images work better than large images, but even viewing those isn't reliable.

One person thought that your server is simply timing out when it gets a little too busy (which is much or most of the time). If that's done to save bandwidth on the server, it's probably counterproductive, since people keep trying.

There are two recent threads about this. Here's one:


I can't find the other because the forum is down again, and I don't even know if I'll be able to post this message.

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We are working with our service provider to resolve the up and down issues with the server since we rebuilt it yesterday. We believe that those issues have been resolved, although only time will tell. We are aware of the slow download of large images, and we are also seeking a remedy to that situation.

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