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My latest 5 string


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Here are some photos of a 5 string violin I will deliver tomorrow Back sides and neck are Sapele, the top is Euro Spruce.

Another beauty! This reminds me of an older famous nontraditional violin (can't remember the name). Is this modeled after a particular violin? This question is not related to the thread of this same date.

Sapele again, you must enjoy sharpening your gouges :)

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Wow - that thing is really cool! Congratulations and thank you for stepping outside the box with such style and aplomb. Coooool.

When I see instruments like this I'm encouraged to think that the future of contemporary instrument making lies in the development, subtle or not, of models that are individual to each maker.

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Sapele is not rock hard like the Bubinga I have been using. The tone is wonderful, full and sweet.

The design is my normal 5string size but I have just used a Viol type corner. the actual working part of the violin has not changed.

I know Bubinga and Sapele well. Bubinga is hard to work (though you have done it) but Sapele (more dense than genuine mahogany), has a high mineral content that wears and scratches tools. I almost used my Steve Thomas loopy smoother on sapele. Glad I didn't because that particular piece destroyed the sole of one of my LN planes.

Why five strings so often?

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