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Strange maple.

Nicolas Temino

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Can't agree with you more. I'm making a copy of an old Gibson from the GAL diagrams and that one will be painted black on most of the surface. No finesse with that!

Craig can you send me a pic of your F5 when your done. I might make one in the future.

Yes, of course, but don't hold your breath - It's still only half done after 5 years.

It is fun, but then again, it's no violin....



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There is a violin made by renowned maker Raymond Schryer on his website that has a quilted maple back. To me, it looks like european maple on the slab. Big leaf maple (USA/Canada) can have incredible quilted figure, and many people refer to big leaf maple when they say quilted maple. I don't know what species of maple the Chinese instrument in the thread is. I don't have a lot of experience with Chinese maple which I heard comes mostly from the earthquake ridden Sichuan province.

Raymond Schryer's violin: http://www.violincello.com/violin.spml

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