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Odd question, I'm sorry


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Here's the Werner Icking edited Version of the Sonatas and Partitas. He stays close to the urtext and his fingering is nice.

Thank you for the link! I respectfully disagree that he stays pretty close to the urtext, from what I just skimmed over. He is also not consistent with indicating to the player which bowings are altered from the urtext. I think the best edition to own and use is the IMC Galamian edition which has a facsimile of the manuscript in the back, allowing any arguments or discussions to be referred to the original source. (The argument that it might be his wife's copy of the original, I think is of no consequence: this is the best we have)

However, I find his fingerings extremely interesting, in a good way. They are very different solutions and make one look at voicing and some phrasing in a different light. I will be trying them in depth when I get a chance later in the summer and will update my opinion, FWIW.

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