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Nice, Simple, Friendly Offering on eBay


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This is

This is a truly insulting way to auction a violin. The seller won't condescend to post pics of the violin and won't deal with the buyer directly--wants to deal with the appraiser instead. I hope nobody bids on this one. Sell through an auction house, such as Christie's or Sotheby's, if you don't want to communicate with ebay's buyers. Don't tell us that we are too poor, too ignorant, or too unreliable to be worthy of your attention. I have $16K and could afford this violin, and I even have a customer (a doctor) who might be interested in it, but I am not going to do any business with this egregious snob.

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Here is a rather unusual way of offering a supposedly fine violin. Seems that the buyer must jump through many hoops. That might be more suitable for the dog which is pictured in the offering, or is the dog the offering?

Ira Kraemer



Be careful. It was made in Italy.

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Despite everything, I must say that this is a very interesting violin and does look like a Postacchini (minus the slightly larger-than-usual f-holes)

I must confess that it looks like a run-of-the-mill German trade fiddle to me.

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maybe because of the low quality photo, but i saw something funny around that area. i could be wrong, though, i'm no professional. :)


To fake an Italian violin is not that difficult. It must have something else more than having a grafted button.

My former teacher's Italian violin looks exactly like mine which is a German commercial. I was not impressed

with all these cracks over the places. It had nice sound though.

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