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Bass bar crack repair


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I want to say something about the method of cutting the cleats into the bassbar (myself I usually replace the bassbar with cleats under).

In my opinion it is very important to leave sufficient wood at the top of the bassbar, when cutting a groove under it to insert the cleat. As far as I understand, upper part of the wood in bassbar (if you look at it with varnished side of the plate down) is very important for sound. It is even more important for the stability of the plate.

I have even seen bassbars that were cut all the way through in order to insert the cleat. This is especially bad idea as it can lead to all kind of problems - loosing sound, rattling and I don't even talk about deformations in the plate that may happen as a result...

If its done right, the method of inseting the cleat into the bassbar can be most likely ok, as long as you can glue the crack properly without the need to remove the bassbar...

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Once again an excellent thread with a great moral to the story for anyone considering their reptuation! love the photos.

I have been wrestling with the idea of removal of a top. (old german fiddle) for saddle crack repair. i thought about different ways to fix without the removal of the top. But after reading this thread i am ready to go! I'll take photos to document it.

Thanks for the inspiration, You guys are the best. :)




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