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"Easy" violin/piano duets?

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Does anyone know of any duets for violin and piano, both "easy"? I know of tons of violin duets, violin/viola duets and easy violin works with piano accompaniment (usually not "easy"), but not anything specifically for two children to play together, violin and piano.

Your help appreciated..



Easy Violin/Piano DUETS:

Katherine & Hugh Colledge:

Stepping Stones, Shooting Stars, Fast Forward

de Bériot: Air Varié in D Minor, Op. 1

Dancla: Six Airs Variés, Op. 89

Dvorak: Sonatina, Op. 100

Elgar: Six Very Easy Pieces For Violin Op. 22

Hauptmann: Easy Sonatinas

Lenkey (Arr.): Easy Classical Sonatas

Mozart: Wiener Sonatinen

Telemann: 6 Sonatinas

Old Masters for Young Players, Easy Classical Pieces:

Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

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The Stepping Stones, Waggon Wheels etc books with music written by Katherine and Hugh Colledge have piano parts that are not exactly for beginners but that are quite easy.

The Hauptmann Sonatinas have violin and piano parts that are roughly on the same level.

And here's a method, Fiolmagasinet/Pianomagasinet, invented for beginning violinists and pianists studying together, meaning it would probably provide you with some repertoire ideas even if you can't read the text:

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Not sure what you mean by "easy" but I suggest the Gounod Ave Maria which is written on top of the Bach Well Tempered Clavier No. 1. Both the violin and the piano part are easy (even I can butcher them) and together are one of the most enjoyable pieces in the entire violin repertory.


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If the Dvorak Sonatine is within your "easy range", then there should be a lot ...

Maybe not a lot ot romantic works, but quite a few not-very-well-known classical sonatas and some Baroque sonatas as well. I'd suggest these to start with:

the Telemann Sonatinen

a couple of the Handel Sonatas

the Mozart Wiener Sonatinen (arranged by somebody)

the Schubert Sonatinen

a collection from EMB:

Are you looking for original music, or are arrangements OK too?

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Have you added the Elgar Six Easy Pieces? The piano part is not as easy as the violin part, but still I'd say they're within the "easy" range.

Probably you could add a lot of Air Variés as well, like Dancla and de Bériot and others. Since they are always based on one set of harmonies, it's usually easy to get a grip (musically) and simplify the accompaniment a little if needed.

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I've ended up with quite a number of things like this off e-bay by buying old (fromthe 20s or so..) music in bulk batches.

Some pretty fun stuff.

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Telemann is here:

Or, if the link doesn't work: I chose Telemann in the composer list at, then violin & piano.

The Thomas Arne sonata (there is only one well-known sonata by him as far as I know) is probably a good idea for this list as well, isn't it?

And if you find a violin arrangement of the Vaughan Williams set of folksongs (I usually play them on the viola but they're available for a wide range of instruments), they'd make a nice addition as well.

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