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Tarisio Auction Result


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I was online biddng on the last Tarisio auction (5/6 and 5/7). Lot no. 104 sold for $6,000. It is labeled "French bow, illegibly stamped". It does not have any hair on it. It can't be tried out. The estimate on the lot was between $1,000 - $1,500.

Anyone know why it went for such a high price?

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To my untrained eye the head looks like Sartory:


Considering the illegible brand, I wonder how it will emerge after repairs to the head, rehair etc.

Interesting, i tried to bid on some items, and after somebody comes and gives a higher bid. If i bid again, somebody comes again. Tariso sell or makes an offer for the highest bidder also if the reserve price has not reached. Many instruments comes again to the next auctions, for example lot 323 has been sold 4-5 times. Now lower than the reserve. Do you think that the sellers are so honest and they wait for your bid lower than they want?

lot 323

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