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Take a picture out your workshop window!

Marcos Schmitz

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OK, since this has escalated into fabulousviewsfromsomewherevaguelyclosetoyour workshop window, I'll add mine. This is a half-hour hike up the hill that you can see from my workshop window... so, if I were to put a gigantic mirror at the top of the hill, this is the view I could get from my workshop window:


My house is in the rectangle, the garage of which is my workshop.

cool !

I've been there in 2003 visiting the Jose Eber salon at Four Seasons Aviara with wifey. Nice place indeed :)

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Thanks. It is a favorite of mine too, and seemed in keeping with the wildlife theme...and really is my yard too, though not out of my shop window...as it has yet to grow a window...in Georgia the AC seems more vital. :)

Amen to that! Luckily, my shop is a fourth (added) basement bedroom with a window. So it stays cooler down here than the rest of the house! (Canton, GA)

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Rifle? Silencer??

Never needed a silencer for my bow...never had a good recipe for Douglas Fir, either, though, so although I like the trees, when it comes to eating, I will take a more tender choice, whether vegetable or animal.

BTW, I don't think the deer eat my rhubarb...

The rhubarb is quite toxic in an uncooked state to all animals.

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This really IS the view out of my shop window - facing the back yard, east - in rural Roswell, NM.

That's about two feets worth of my daughter Amanda showing, and two of my seven grand children. Speck, the young one, and his older sister Krysten Grace are using my relaxation pool (a stock tank).

What I love most -


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This morning, from the backyard.

This is pretty typical Roswell. They land a couple of blocks away.


Any aliens bearing the answer to corner shaping by Stradivarius, varnish... Are they touching down in your neck of the woods? Is the 'Messiah' real? Who was on the grassy knoll?

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Why assume the aliens are omniscient? If they had any sense, they'd stay away from this crazy place...

Yeah, maybe so and maybe not. This Alien thing is real and serious. Personally I'm sick and tired of all of these people who don't know, acting like they DO know...

Last night there were reports of YET ANOTHER landing...

This morning I checked out of the shop window and found some strange little "people" in the pool...


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Begging the question, which "CT" is more real?


Here's the real story at my stock tank.

Seven grand kids, three kids, mom and dad - every once in a while, we all get together there. This is yesterday afternoon.

That romantic image of the lone/grizzled, alcoholic, artist/luthier languishing at the deteriorating stock tank, bottle at hand, isn't a bad image though...


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After an embarassingly pleasant and cool summer (only topped 80F a handful of days here), this week we finally had Weather. Monday was near 100F (all-time downtown LA record set at 113), and today (Thursday) we had thunderstorms on and off all day. Big whoop, you might think... but that's a big deal for here. First rain in a few months.


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