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Take a picture out your workshop window!

Marcos Schmitz

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I'm with Doug, no views from the workshop itself. It does have one tiny window, but it's not for looking out of, just for letting a bit of light in (not much). I work mostly at night, anyway. So here's a picture from my bedroom window, showing my half-dead cherry tree and soccer (football) game in progress in the park behind. The second shot is of this afternoon's project, putting up a pair of poles for trellises for my hop plants...



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Taken about 5 minutes ago this rainy North Georgia evening. First is the shop showing window placement. One of them is more my angle of view. I have three beautiful Japanese maples on my property. One is there next to the porch. I'm very fortunate to have a basement shop that they still managed to squeeze a window into!






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I think I'm going to have the photos by Martina, C.B., and Dean printed up large, then hang them on my workshop wall, so I won't feel so deprived... :) (oh, and maybe put in a periscope...)

Print Martina's "soundpost dancer" from a recent thread. It's worked well for me so far. :)

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OK, since this has escalated into fabulousviewsfromsomewherevaguelyclosetoyour workshop window, I'll add mine. This is a half-hour hike up the hill that you can see from my workshop window... so, if I were to put a gigantic mirror at the top of the hill, this is the view I could get from my workshop window:


My house is in the rectangle, the garage of which is my workshop.

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Hi Jacob,

Your window is much nicer than mine...and clean too. But, the clothesline is much closer. Those violins are cellos.

This thread was a great idea.



Oops - sorry, I can't open photos that size on this forum, so I just peered at the thumbnails. I kind of didn't expect cellos hanging on a washing line anyway :)

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