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Koreans moving to other countries to study violin is just another aspect of parents pushing their kids.

It is seen as advantages to study abroad. At certain levels, US or Europe is seen as a better place to learn certain skills. Example: Often mom will live in a certain area if they feel it is advantages (a specific music program, teacher, etc) while Dad works like hell in Korea to pay for everything. This isn't just for the summer, often this is for years.

there is also a higher suicide rate for Dads who are in this situation.

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Yura Lee follows typical Korean profile. She came to the US at age 9 to study at Julliard with Hyo Kang (Korean) and Dorothy Delay. Mom lived here as chaperone. Dad? for westerners, usually the entire family moves. With Koreans, mom and the kids move.


can't verify if dad stayed in Korea, but he probably did.

and yes, the vast majority of kids don't do well with music, but so many are exposed at an early age, that a significant number do quite well.

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