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John Juzek Masterart Violin on Ebay ??


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The auction is over and I would like you, experts, to discuss this sale. Thanks.

It looks to me anything but masterart. The varnish color, scroll, off-center end pin hole....

John Juzek Masterart

Wow, talk about one being born every minute! Apparently some minutes a few dozen were born. I picked up a Juzek with no table. The wood is very pretty on the back but I was suprised to see that there were no corner blocks. I scratched Juzek off of my possible buy list.

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John Juzek is a trade name for Metropolitan Music violins. They still sell John Juzek violins. List prices today run from $100 to $6,500. For many years they had the New York City Public Schools contract to supply student violins. Low quality John Juzek violins often show up from that source. Most Juzeks are the cheaper models. The expensive Master Art models are rare but the Master Art labels aren't. You can buy copies of old labels from Metropolitan Music,100 for $5.

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Another loser. Yeah agreed about the wood quality, not even a hint of flame on the neck and the rest looks very ordinary. The label looks like fresh non-aged (not even dipped in tea, ha ha) xerox paper and it's supposed to have red ink on it in certain places. There is a little blob of yellow on the lower left......what a half hearted attempt. I like the strategic mis-spellings in the copy which give it a feeling of innocence.

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