Sandvik product?

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SO! I thinks I've found some.

It was hiding in the Dick catalogue, under precision hand grinder or some such thing.


I've ordered some large rectangular replacement plates, so we will see if these work as well.

(In fact, I've ordered ALL the replacement plates, so you all are out of luck :) )

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The Sandvik plates were great - I bought 2 lozenge-shaped ones several years ago. One I installed on a bent rosewood handle - super. A couple of months aho, I was very pleased to find the other one, and a bonus large orbital sander plate, to boot.

All others are a compromise.

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Is it like a metal plate  ? 

I have a double sided abrasive file with a yellow handle, got it 15 years ago and it's still good.

Hope I can find another.

Yeah. It was a flexible metal plate with adhesive on the back. I've used the same piece for nearly 15 years, and it's just now starting to go dull. The little one I used for ebony didn't last as long, but it's still useable. As Janito said, All others are a compromise.


Duane, have you used the Japanese stuff? Does it come in sheets?

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How old is this site?

They must be/have been sourcing from somewhere, but where?

It's somewhat new I believe...a N. American distributors of NT Dresser/Cutter from what I gather; made in Japan:

DGSR☺ is run by an individual named Michael Kocher and his wife, who have a violin shop in St. Louis named Gateway Strings...I do not know them.

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