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Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Alex Gartsman? There's not a lot on the site. I ask because there is a violin for sale on ebay at a ridiculous price that is supposed to be certified by Gartsman.


It looks about as much like a Melegari as my car does. I was wondering if the cert was genuine, and if so why?? I know from the web site that Gartsman makes his money from certifying things. Is he legit? I'm asking in ignorance here, as the the violin on sale and the cert make no sense together.

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Waaaait a minute. Am I understanding this correctly? He certifies the violin then puts it up for sale on eBay under another name that guarantees it is genuine because it is certified by him? Please tell me that I am missing something.

Either that or someone else has stolen his pictures and faked the image of the certificate. Not too difficult.


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Zefir got in while I was writing :-)


Ahhhh! Thanks. So this might raise some questions.

1) Are Miriam and Gartsman the same person??

2) Is it a coincidence that most of the certs are from Gartsman or is it just handy proximity to the shop?

3) As several of the items say the seller will provide a certificate, why are they using Gartsman if they are someone different but respected enough to provide certs?

Be handy to certify something and then sell it as someone else, would it not? "Read the certificate and bid with confidence" might not fill you so full of confidence if you knew the seller had written the cert. I think I have the answer to my original question now. Much appreciated.

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