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worst Violin ever on german ebay

Michael K.

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This is really funny and for laughing, but see how it went for.

The Seller offer this Violin on german ebay as the "Worst Violin ever in the World" :)

A little bid "to" honest.


here is the translation of the describtion. (Just quick from a online translation)

This is reliably the worst violin of the world. Actually it is an offense for all correct plays the violin that one calls such a thing like this equipment violin. In the reason it acts only the form after around a violin, in reality is it here more dearless in China stuck felling trees hurry afterwards into lacquer was probably dipped. The bar is missing and I does not believe a string (so exact I have it me not looked at). The sheet is an absolute joke and is suitable probably rather to cows floats to making music. However the suit-case was probably originally also as playing the violin box to have been thought and manufactured accordingly. But this violin is to be really only used for burning in the fire-place or as three-gift for a Vogelscheuche. I guarantee that the violin is bad really so abyss low, as you can only introduce yourselves it. Therefore I take it also in no case back… Who looks for thus the worst violin of the world, here found… much fun becomes when offering

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This might be a slightly better translation:

"This is for sure the worst fiddle in the world. It's actually offensive to all real violins that anyone would call this thing a violin at all. Basically what we're dealing with here is a VSO that was uncaringly thrown together in China out of bits of wood and then dipped in varnish. There's no bridge and I think it's missing a string (though I haven't looked that carefully).

The bow is an absolute joke and more suited to be a switch for the use of a cowherd than for making music. The case alone seems to have been made with a violin in mind.

The most useful thing to do with this fiddle is to burn it in the fireplace or turn it into the frame for a scarecrow.

I guarantee that this violin is truly as awful as you can possibly imagine. For that reason, I will not accept it back for any reason.

Anyone who wants the worst violin in the world need search no further....have fun bidding."

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