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Conrad A. Gotz Viola

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Hello all,

I will post photos tomorrow, but I really wanted to get this up :)

I just picked up a Conrad A. Gotz 16" viola. It is labeled as number 107 and was made in 1964. It is in pristine condition...really nice maple in this one.

Does anyone know about this maker/workshop? I came across quite a bit about his bows, but not much about his instruments.

Also, any ideas where the "107" falls in this maker's/workshop's level of quality? Any ideas as to what this bring on the market?

I'll put up pictures as soon as I can.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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"Does anyone know about this maker/workshop?"

According to the books (Jalovec, Henley, Grunke) the C A Gotz firm was founded in Wernitzgrun, Saxony, in 1880. It produced strings, bows and all types of instruments. It also sold under its own name products made by other workshops.

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I have a Gotz catalog, #80, which does not necessarily refer to the year. I cannot find a date on it anywhere. Looking at some of the cases, I would guess that the catalog is from the 1960s. The catalog shows several lines of instruments. The entry level stuff is Fritz Otto Kaiser ranging from 53 dollars to 100 US dollars. There is then a line of Hans Wagner violins ranging from 62.50 to $108.50. Then the Conrad Gotz violins appear ranging from $90 to $680 (Violas top out at $850). The Gotz violas start with the number 106 at $115 and run up to #136 at $850. Specifically here are the Viola numbers and retail prices:

106 at $115

107 at $135

110 at $202-$217

114 at $242-$265

115 at $257 to $280

123 at $295 16"only

124 at $310 to $340

130 at $465 all sizes

131 at $530 16" up only

134 $680 16" up

135 at $850

smaller violas are the lower price when two prices are given.

The catalog description for the 107 is "A violin specially suited for the advanced student. Fine flamed maple back and sides. Hand carved maple neck. Good grade ebony trimmings. Skillfully graduated, carefully selected spruce top. Hand varnished to a pleasing golden yellow color. A violin with very good tonal qualities." (15" and 16" body lengths--same price of $135).

Wish I new the date of publication for the catalog.

Hope this helps a little.

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I have a catalogue of 2004/2005. The mentioned prices are net thus without VAT.

Viola prices (all in €) went up over the time:

#106 at 345

#107 at 415

#110/16 at 615

#110/17 at 690

#114 at 750

#115/16 at 820

#115/17 at 860

#123 at 915

#124/16 at 970

#124/17 at 1080

#125 at 1020

#127 at 1140

And so on up to the most expensive one: #138 at € 2260,=

They have also website:


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I had a C.A. Gotz 110 violin for a number of years. Nothing special at all. Generic German factory work, somewhat harsh tone. One day the neck popped out and I realized it had been put together with white glue rather than hide glue. These days you can find a much better Chinese violin for less money and you don't have to put up with the aforementioned crap...

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Thank you for all of your helpful responses! Here are the pictures, as promised. The fingerboard was detached during shipment, so it needs to be reinstalled.








I would guess that $25 was a steal for this instrument! I can not wait to reattach the fingerboard and get it set up to see what it sounds like!

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