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Hi, I'm here after reading this wonderful forum. Could you please take a look at this violin/viola/cello that I found at the estate of a famous concertmaster/principal second/principal cellist that passed away recently and left his/her estate to me? I don't know anything about violins, but it measures 14", there's a label that says "Stradiuarius, 1719", maybe 1716, can't quite tell. There's a repair tag inside only visible after I took the top off stating that it could have been fixed by a Guarnieri del Gesu. Later, it seems to have been in the German Democratic Republic since it has a Deutsch Violins label. Then a widow gave it to me to sell, but due to copyright laws, I can't show you pictures. So how much is it worth, even though I never, EVER want to sell, just love the deep, rich sound that makes me wonder if it really is a lost Stradiuarius or a stolen del Gesu?

So what do you guys think it is?

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zefir :-)))) You forgot the antique French bow with Germany stamped on it.

Never tried to attach anything before but if it works here's a Sgarbi viola. Make your own mind up!

Actually, the bow is stamped 'Sartori a Paree' Think it's worth anything? Not that I want to sell it. :)

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