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did d'addario re-formulate the zyex strings for viola like they did with the violin strings yet? i'm anxious to try zyex v2.

Toby Appel told me in NY last month that he is helping Fan Tao (Daddario) to develop new viola strings, that are not in the market yet, I hope they will succeed in doing that because it`s hard to depend on products sold in Euros when the dollar is weak...

D'addario makes the string which has been my favorite for a while, Zyex, and I appreciate the heads-up concerning their new viola product. Shirley

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I've tried most of what's out there and it's horses for courses.

I hate Eudoxas so didn't bother trying Passiones (the name put me off anyway)

As attractive as Evahs are, they very high tension and can kill some fiddles. I still think after all things considered Dominants are the most versatile.

Here in the UK the Passiones range from £84 (StringZone) to £115 (Ealing Strings)

while amazon.com for US customers has them for $84


Rip off Britain eh!

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Could anyone who has had experience with Pirastro Passion violin strings please give their opininion of the strings?

As you have found out from the answers to your question, there are as many different opinions about these strings as there are responses because all strings sound different on different violins. The one thing that is probably true about Passiones is that they are more stable than the other gut strings on the market. After four or five days, they are about as stable as synthetics. But, they are expensive compared to synthetics. On my violin, they sound slightly better than Obligatos (the synthetic that works best for me) but the difference is probably not worth the extra $$.

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the Passion's are excellent if you'd like the feel and response of gut strings.

Get a really fine violin, and you won't have to worry about strings.

In the spirit of "get a Gand violin and a Hill bow and you'll be set for life." Attributed to Dorothy DeLay.

So revised version is "Get a really fine violin and a set of Dominants, and you'll be set for life."

So many great violinists seem to be pleased with Dominants and maybe a Gold E. I think it's because they play such magnificent instruments that the details of string sound matter less than the sound of a concert hall or an engineer's EQ preferences. Perhaps manufacturers offer certain incentives for endorsements also.

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Yes, you are right about Dominants dfowler, if an instrument is not sounding good with Dominants (with the exception of the E strng, that is not used by most players and substituted by Larsen, Jargar or another E string) the problem is with the violin and not with the strings.

That's why I allways start the set up of a violin with Dominants, because it's a good sound reference to start with, many shops do the same.

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