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Andrew Victor

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Just to update the Coda bows. Coda has switched to a new line of bows. They go from the Diamond NX up to the Diamond GX, and IMHO have gotten much better at all levels. While they don't have a super cheap Aspire type, the NX is relatively more money but also more capable. The GX is in my opinion an outstanding bow for the money.

In short they have discontinued ALL of their former lines of bows. Andrew, maybe a new review? That review was very much appreciated by so many.


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Wow, you're right. I thought they'd just added the Diamond series as an additional line but their website has dropped all mention of the previous models... I have a Diamond SX which I use as a backup bow and think it's a great bow for the price, although I've found that individual examples can vary a lot in their playing characteristics. However I still love my Arcus Sinfonia, which I tried and bought several years ago after reading Andrew's reviews. Glad to hear the website is available again! -Steve

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Hi Andy,

whenever you are ready for an update of your great review, we will be happy to provide you with a couple of our new bows. Over these years we have redesigned out bows entirely (new moulds!), introduced new materials, changed the workshop (from Austria to Germany) and developed a completely new product line.

Bernd Müsing

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