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Pusch tailpiec modification (with 4 tuners)

Peter Lynch

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I am trying to figure out a way to modify the fine tuner mechanism so that you don't need to feed strings in through the bottom. Has anyone sucessfully done this. One factor is the diameter of the ball on the end of the string. I don't have extensive expereince with many diffeent strings so I am not sure if the ball size is standardized or not. Any suggestions.


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I think that the ball ends aren't totally standardized between manufacturers. With my circa 2001 Pusch I found that Pirastro's ball ends--I tried Tonicas, Obligatos and Eudoxas at various points--would fit through the holes from the top with a little work but Thomastik ball ends (Dominant, Infeld) were much more difficult to fit. But it also appeared that Pusch tuners weren't all that well standardized either; a friend who had one couldn't get Pirastro Tonicas to fit from the top either!

I didn't try to modify my Pusch, although I thought it should be possible to take it apart and ream out the holes with a needle file. I eventually gave up on it and switched to a Wittner Ultra, which makes changing out strings a lot easier.

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Ball ends are not all the same size, which is part of the problem. Another part, at least with older Puschs, is that the holes in the wood do not line up with the holes in the plates. The last one I've seen had the holes aligned much better, which greatly improved string insertion. At least I think it was a Pusch. No name but the plates look identical to those on the two I have.


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