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carbon fibre baroque bow?


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I don't think the incredibow fits the request.

French historical bow maker Nelly Poidevin designed and perhaps still sells a carbon fiber baroque bow. They are made and distributed by the French company 'Carbow'. The model looks like an interpretation of baroque designs.

Unless the price has gone down drastically, the only reason I can see for buying one of these is if you play a lot in bars or otherwise often put your equipment at risk of damage. The motivation for buying a baroque bow surely includes some interest in exploring what the equipment of the time offers the player, and since snakewood is still fairly available it is possible to get a reasonable facsimile of a historical bow in the vicinity of $1,000.

If the hope is to find a cheap baroque bow of dependable quality, unfortunately there just isn't an option right now that I know of. Some shops are trying to get Chinese bows made that are accurate but so far the results are mixed.


Nelly Poidevin


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My first thought was that "carbon fibre baroque bow" was an oxymoron! However I do know some Scottish fiddlers who like the shorter length and performance of a baroque bow, and use them to play trad. tunes on modern instruments, so maybe there is a market there!

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