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For real shrieky violins I recommend "Expanding Tone Foam". You simply insert the nozzle through one of the F holes and fill about half full. The foam will then expand and the excess will push out from the f holes, and once hardened can be later trimmed away with a utility knife.

Benefits of this revolutionary product:

* Sounpost will never fall over

* Violin can be dropped and suffer little damage

* Great for apartment dwellers with cranky neighbors

* Violin cannot fill with water if left in the rain

* Floats indefinitely on water - great for the beach

* Eliminates wolf notes

* Dust cannot collect inside instrument

* Minimizes insect damage

* Conveniently hides makers tag - Only You'll really know!

* Become the life of the concert hall with a truly unique soundless instrument!

:) :) ]

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