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eBay violin revisited


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Won this one three years ago on eBay for $72. That was my bid for everything then. If I didn't win, then, so be it. Compared to what is out there now it seems like a bargain. But, I don't really know. The pine looks really old. Sounds good too. Is this another violin dream? Penciled inside 1607.



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I'll stick my neck out and guess early/mid 1800s, possibly player-made (could we see photos of the scroll, both sides?), stripped and re-varnished at some point.

Thanks for responding, bean-fidhleir, The reason for the post is that I find it remarkable how eBay has changed in such a short time. There used to be a lot of violins out there like this one for under $100. If you bought one and it turned out to be junk it was no big deal. Now the prices are double for such things or more. For me anyway, that is too much. I bought a bunch of violins two or three years ago but now occasionally I'll bid on a fractional size one. I don't sell violins. It's just a hobby that I picked up when my daughter started playing. I've found some interesting things. I have no intention of selling this violin unless it's worth a house or a boat, or a car with fewer miles and dents than the one I drive now.


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You got a bargain, for sure. And you're right about the change over time - I've seen that too. Now the sharks are constantly circling and ordinary people hardly have a chance. Except people like Priya, who are obsessive :) The problem's been going on for longer than 3 years, though, so if that's when you scored that fiddle, you did yourself well.

Your fiddle has a very useful-looking scroll. I haven't ever before seen that kind of interesting longitudinal piecing-together we see in the neck, but probably other people have. From the scroll, I'd now guess it was pro-made, not amateur-/player-made. Unusual looking f-holes, though, unless it's an artifact of the camera angle.

I hope others chime in with their opinions - I'm sure they'll be better than mine.

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