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suspect listing on ebay


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Hi all,

I thought I'd chime in and answer some questions...

- As to the marks on the violin- I don't know their history more than anyone else. As to whether they are "fake"-- if fake is to mean intentionally put on the surface to achieve an aesthetic effect, rather than put there by years of wear and tear, then they certainly are "fake". As to whether the maker or someone else put them there, I do not know. I can assure everyone that I certainly did not.

- The reference to the dhowen listing caught my attention. I purchased the violin in July of 2007 from dhowen (dhowen10) when he listed it on ebay. He was very professional in his dealings, and I purchased a very nice bow from him several months later.... Please tell me he is not a known Ebay scammer!! Is anyone here familiar with him, because the violin is truly as nice as he described it to me as is the bow I bought from him. Any info (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated.

- As to whether the violin has measels, or been on the business end of a woodburner or a set of throwing knives. None of these are true.

- As for comments about my ebay user name (aheist). My name is Andrew Heist (A.heist), I am a 30 year old semi-professional musician living and working in Juneau, Alaska. I have bought and (more importantly) sold a small number of high end guitars and mandolins on Ebay and other sites (Mandolin cafe) with nothing but positive results with all parties involved. This is my first go at selling a high dollar violin and I have done everything I can to be as honest and forthcoming as possible. I bought this violin with the intention of playing it, and while I think it is one of the nicest instruments I have heard or played, I am in the process of gathering funds to purchase my first home, and I have quite a bit of money tied up in it.

If anyone has information about the maker, or dhowen, or any questions, all will be greatly appreciated.

(the dubious) aheist


Sounds a lot like the dhowen listing not too long ago. Also, the violin's marks look absolutely fake to me. These sellers have some nerve these days!

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Aside from the mysterious marring, I see far less signs of routine wear than I would expect in a 70-80+ year old instrument. Corners intact, nothing under the bridge feet, little wear on the c-bouts or scroll, pegs without any bushings or excess protrusion.... I also find it odd that the "burns" are both on the spruce and the maple parts.


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It looks exactly as though some vandal heated the tip of a screwdriver and used it to put char marks on for some bizarre reason that perhaps made sense to the vandal even if to no one else on Earth. The result is so weird and ugly that I have to suppose it drops the saleability/value by half or more. Who would want it?? (Sorry, Andrew, but it really was a dreadful thing for someone to do to an innocent and unsuspecting fiddle. I'm only sorry that you seem to have been elected the one who's going to take a bath on the price, since you sound like a decent person.)

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